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How did Triple B TV start?

When we got back to the mainland in 2014, after over a decade living on the islands, my childhood love for snakes collided with the internet. I spent hours upon hours perusing the inter webs for all the reptile related content I could feast my eyes on. I immediately fell in love with reptile YouTube creators like Brian Gundy, Brian Barczyck and Dāv Kaufman. It wasn’t long before I decided that I wanted to try to make some videos of my own. Using some American Express rewards points that were burning a hole in my wallet, I got my first GoPro and made this short video of a family outing..

While it’s clear that this wasn’t going to win me an Oscar, it gave me the confidence that I could indeed film and edit a video that would be worthy of YouTube standards. I strapped the GoPRO to my forehead and uploaded my very first unboxing video to a YouTube channel that I had simply dubbed “Brian Kusko”.

This video was followed by several more unboxing videos. Some of the first comments I got were from people like Jay at Boxing Boa, Anthony from Grand Daddy Herps, Lance Kirkman and Brian Gundy. It was then that I realized YouTube was not just a place to show off the cool snakes I was getting. It was a place to meet other like-minded and awesome people. It was a way to get involved with a community that would soon become the most tight-knit community I had ever been a part of. I decided that maybe showing my face on camera might be the way to form a stronger connection with folks. I recorded an intro song and made a video that would become the very first episode of Triple B TV…

Look at that beautiful Freedom Breeder Rack! Every time I look back on that video it makes me feel like I had no business getting on the lens side of the camera. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? The episodes that followed shortly after were peppered with more unboxing videos, going to reptile shows, informational videos, snakes in the grass and even a couple interviews with local keepers. As my editing skills became more honed, I recorded a new intro song and the existing intro song became the outro theme music and still is to this day! It was around that time that I landed an interview with Jay Brewer at Prehistoric Pets. This was a very big deal for me. I put everything I had into the editing that video and Jay even uploaded it to his channel…

Did this change the direction of Triple B TV?

It did. It made us realize what we really wanted to do with the platform we were creating. We wanted the channel to become an outlet for the the many players and personalities in the community. Getting interviews with community members became the main part of our drive. After all, there are tons of informational videos out there when it comes to keeping and husbandry. Still more are being made every day. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, quite the opposite. However, we really wanted the channel to become something that would help to bring the entire reptile community closer together. By helping other people get their stories and ideas out there, I think it’s starting to do just that.

Has Triple B TV become a successful venture?

We were recently sponsored by Freedom Breeder. The channel also gained the attention of other community media outlets such as Snakes and the Fatman and Morelia Python Radio. The channel was recently nominated for Video Show of the year by The Reptile Report.

Much to our surprise, we won!!

What does the future hold for Triple B TV?

Hopefully more of the same. With the sponsorship from Freedom Breeder, we plan to start making regular trips around the country, even around the world, to interview as many people as we can. Everyone from the earliest pioneers to the new people with new and exciting ideas. At the very least, you can expect a new episode of Triple B TV to be uploaded every Monday! See you there!!